2020 NTARC Report into Heavy Vehicle Incidents in Australia

2020 NTARC Report into Major Accidents involving Heavy Vehicles in Australia

The 2020 NTARC report into heavy vehicle accidents in Australia has just been published by the NTI Group. This excellent report provides a detailed breakdown of heavy vehicle serious incidents, with data going back to 2011. The tragic news is that 50 people lost their lives in 2019 in heavy vehicle incidents in 2020. This is a 30% increase since the previous report in 2017.

Driver Error is the most common cause of incidents, making up almost 40% of all HV incidents, and the main cause of driver error is clearly distraction.

Although Fatigue makes up only 10% of all HV incidents it remains the largest factor in truck driver deaths, causing 35% of all heavy vehicle fatalities.

The full report is provided here: NTARC_2020_Report

Sources: Gibson A. NTARC Major Accident Report 2020. NTI Group. 2020

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