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BWC Safety are specialists in the coaching and mentoring of leadership skills and safety competencies.

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The right safety culture starts with your leaders having both the ‘SKILL’ and the ‘WILL’ when it comes to safety. We help you achieve both goals by coaching your leaders at all levels in the safety competencies and mentoring them so that they can effectively demonstrate their personal commitment to safety.

We help shape and sustain your safety culture

Safety Culture is shaped and sustained by effective leadership at all levels who demonstrate that they have a genuine and deep concern for the health and safety of their staff.

Most leaders want to be known for having a high concern for safety but lack the necessary skills that enable them to balance safety alongside the other requirements of their job.

We use our deep operational experience to aid you

Our team of consultants have deep operational experience and have ‘walked in the shoes’ of operations, engineering, and technical managers across a range of industries.

We know what it is like to juggle the demands of the job and we have a proven track record in coaching and mentoring your leaders so that safety becomes integrated into everything they do. This means that managers are not required to find ‘another hour in the day for safety’ but develop the skills to critically assess safety risks in every situation.

‘Good Safety is Good Business’

The end result is that, as safety starts to improve, so does efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
As the saying goes ‘Good Safety is Good Business’

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How it works

A program tailored to the Individual

Every leader is at a different point in their personal safety journey. Some have had many years’ experience and realise the connection between good safety and good business. Others may be relatively new to the concepts of safety being a line management responsibility. To accommodate these different needs, we meet one on one and ask the leader to complete a confidential survey of their safety knowledge and commitment. We then work together to tailor a program within the broader framework of 5 ESSENTIAL SAFETY ELEMENTS that every leader needs to master:

1. Safety leadership and commitment
2. Conducting effective Safety interactions
3. Employee engagement and communication skills
4. Safety critical risk management
5. Incident Investigation

Coaching & Mentoring sessions

We structure our sessions to meet the individual’s circumstances, however a good coaching session would consist of the following components:

Often a short 30-minute discussion on current business conditions and its impact on safety culture. This would normally include a discussion on recent personal successes and challenges in improving the safety culture ‘in your patch’. Reviews of recent incident investigations are often discussed.

Site based coaching
The consultant will usually spend 1-2 hours with the leader at the worksite, coaching on safety interactions, assessing risks and the effectiveness of controls, and aligning on the current safety culture and opportunities to make further improvements. These are normally included in a personal action plan.

In the majority of cases, six coaching sessions (one session every 3 weeks) will get a leader to a level of competency and commitment where they can confidently continue the process for themselves and their team.

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“BWC SAFETY conducted safety leadership and risk assessment coaching with Bradken’s senior leaders at Wadonga, NSW. The feedback from the team was very positive and it was clear that the objectives of the coaching were achieved. We found the BWC SAFETY team to be professional and quite supportive. They were willing to work in with our systems and used a partnering style when working with our team. We would highly recommend them to other organisations looking for similar assistance.”


“Bernie Walker was brought in as a safety consultant over a two year period to assist with the plant’s safety programme and provide coaching to develop a strong safety culture across the workforce. Our incident rates had plateaued for some time and we were struggling to make further reductions so we called on some expert advice, which Bernie provided.

Bernie’s coaching style was well received. He easily communicated with people at all levels, with an encouraging approach while providing honest appraisals. There is no doubt that through Bernie’s coaching our safety culture has improved and our injury rate has decreased by 40%.

Bernie has a wealth of experience and knowledge and a great understanding of “how things tick” in the manufacturing industry, so could easily relate to our business. His strategies were also used to make improvements to other areas of our business.
If you are in a position where you think you need assistance to improve your safety programme, I would strongly recommend Bernie as a consultant/mentor.”


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