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A program for managing critical safety risks in hazardous operations.

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Critical Safety Risk Management is an integral part of the overall risk management process which aims to identify those risks that can lead to serious injury and then implementing controls that will prevent a serious incident from occurring.

How you will benefit

Achieve the highest level of protection possible

The standard behavioural safety approach to measuring and reducing your organisation’s injury rates will not provide your workers the necessary protection from the serious injury that can occur from a low frequency – high risk task. Only a structured program which focuses on identifying and managing those safety critical risks will achieve this level of protection.

Receive a framework as well as on-site support for it’s implementation

Organisations that operate in hazardous environments will benefit from identifying those critical risks that can lead to serious injury, developing procedures to control those risks, and regularly verifying the effectiveness of the controls via a structured process. Our approach is to provide the framework for the program and practical on-site support for its implementation.

How it works

Risk Assessment Workshops

Our consultants will facilitate workshops with experienced personnel to identify the safety critical risks in the main work tasks and then ‘pressure test’ the effectiveness of safety controls using Bow-Tie analysis.

Critical Control Verifications

We take a coaching approach with local management, supervisors, and technical staff to conduct regular Critical Control Verifications of the safety critical tasks to ensure that there is full compliance with the upgraded procedures. The goal is to transfer the verification competency to the organisation.

Upgrading Competencies

Where necessary we will work with our client to upgrade the effectiveness of controls, developing new procedures and assisting with training and verification of worker’s competency.

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