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BWC Safety is a world-class safety leadership consulting firm, consisting of a highly skilled and experienced team of consultants. We help organisations like yours to transform safety culture through global best practice ensuring no injury occurs to any team member. For workplace safety training, contact us in Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Canberra.

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Getting Leadership

Do our leaders just not get it? Is safety still owned by the safety team? Do we lurch from one serious incident to the next? Is our safety performance worse than our competitors? Is it ‘production’ first and ‘safety’ second?
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It’s more common than you realise

Unfortunately, most leaders only get to see ‘the tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to poor safety controls and unsafe practices. You probably only read about it in injury reports and an increasing LTIFR graph. What you don’t see is the many close calls and unsafe acts that occur every day.
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Safety Culture

Safety culture?

“Safety culture embodies the value placed on safety and the extent to which people take personal responsibility for safety in an organisation. Safety culture is often described as the ‘personality’ of an organisation, as it is a shared value for safety.”  (WorkCover Queensland)
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Our Solutions

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Our expertise and solutions has resulted in the prevention of 200,000 injuries.

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Upgrade your Safety Management System

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Having a systematic approach to safety will allow your organisation to identify and minimise risks before they become injuries. A high-quality SMS will provide a tool for planning the safety effort, and for continuous improvement in the safety culture. It also opens the door to work opportunities with those top-tier companies that demand good safety performance from their partners.

  • Risk management

  • Learning and Development

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Conduct Great Safety Interactions

Conduct Great Safety Interactions

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Are you frustrated because your managers are tied to their desks?

Are your leaders rarely seen in the places where the work gets done?

Do you have a safety interactions program that is just a ‘numbers’ game?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I feel your pain.

  • Senior Leadership didn’t lead by example

  • Only the raw numbers were counted

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Improve Incident Investigations

Improve Incident Investigations

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An effective safety conversations program (aka safety observations, safety interactions), are an essential part of the safety management system. Leadership commitment is demonstrated when line management conduct regular safety conversations with employees and the process enables early identification of WHS risks – before they turn into injuries.

  • Preparation

  • Housekeeping standards

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