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We are a team of highly experienced WHS Consultants in Sydney and Melbourne who can help you to improve the safety performance of your organisation. We work in all states of Australia and in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Every member of our consulting team has a minimum of 20 years’ experience as a senior manager prior to joining BWC Safety. We operate in the traditionally hazardous sectors such as mining, transportation, utilities and construction.


We are corporate members of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety.

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BWC Safety was founded in 2016 by Bernie Walker, who is the director. Bernie Walker is officially certified by Exemplar Global as a lead auditor for ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Our WHS Consulting Services

BWCSafety leaders

Safety Leadership Training
& Coaching

Every organisation will have different needs and our training and coaching solutions are tailored to suit.

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assurance and mentoring for

Assurance & Mentoring
for Executives and Directors

Providing independent assurance advice and mentoring to board members and senior executives on WHS matters.

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Critical Safety Risk
Assessments & Programs

Our team will visit your site to identify those high-level safety risks and assess the effectiveness of the controls in place. We will work with you to reduce the level of safety risk so far as is reasonably practicable.

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Critical ICAM
Incident Investigations

In the event of a significant safety incident, our team can lead ICAM incident investigations on your behalf.

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Safety Culture and Performance

Reviews of Safety Culture
& Safety Systems

BWC Safety will conduct a thorough review of your organisation’s safety culture, safety systems and safety performance and benchmark your firm using a globally recognised model of safety culture. We also provide recommendations for improvement and a roadmap for implementation.

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ISO 45001 system upgrade

Upgrade to ISO 45001 Safety
Management System

AS4801 has become obsolete and is being replaced by the AS/NZ 45001 (ISO 45001) standard for safety management systems. We can help you through the transition.

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WHS & OHS Expert Advisors

BWC Safety are one of Australia’s leading WHS consulting companies. As specialist workplace safety consultants, BWC Safety offers a full range of OH&S Safety consulting services to aid your long term safety success. With our extensive experience in safety consulting, BWC Safety will provide you with consulting support designed to meet your particular safety requirements. What stands us apart from other OHS Consulting Companies, is our experienced team. Our Workplace Health and Safety Consultants all have over 20 year of experience in the safety field.

If you’re looking for OHS consulting companies who offer a WHS consultation, reach out today to see how we can help.

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