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Professional Safety Consultants Sydney

Professional Consultants for Maintaining Workplace Safety Standards in Sydney

WHS Consultants Sydney

The safety of the employees working in an organisation is the responsibility of the top management, and the company must put a safety program in place. Therefore, workplace safety consultants play an important role. They are safety professionals well-versed in safety-related regulations, procedures, and best practices.

BWC Safety provides highly experienced Safety Consultants Sydney. The workplace safety consultants of BWC Safety provide complete support to an organisation to meet its safety requirements. Whether evaluating workplace safety practices and procedures, implementing new safety culture, identifying the flaws in existing safety mechanisms, or investigating incidents, BWC Safety specialises in all aspects of workplace health and safety requirements.

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Our Safety Services

At BWC Safety, we offer a comprehensive range of Work Health and Safety Consulting Services customised to meet the unique needs of your business. Our Safety Consultants in Sydney provide end-to-end support, starting with the initial assessment and system development, and continuing through implementation and ongoing support.

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Safety System Review

BWC Safety deploys safety consultants to assess an organization’s safety systems, culture, and performance. The consultants determine whether or not the safety mechanisms are by the WHS Act and Regulations. This is very important because failure to comply with legal regulations leads to hefty fines and even prison terms for the organization’s top management.

The safety consultants review the safety management systems against the standards set by ISO 45001. Personal confidential interviews with the staff members, a survey of the organization’s safety culture, and real-time observation of the safety practices are also carried out to get a clear picture of the organization’s safety performance.

The result of the safety system review is a report presented to the company’s board members and senior executives. The report details any issues with the safety system and the ways to rectify them. Improvements which can be made to the company’s safety standards are also suggested.

Building and Upgrading Safety Management Systems

BWC Safety provides Safety Consultants Sydney for setting up new security management systems and upgrading old ones. A safety management system is built per the specific needs of the particular organization while complying with the WHS regulations.

Security management systems of AS4801 standards are upgraded to the new AS/NZ 45001 standards. The old system is analyzed to determine the changes required to upgrade it to 45001 standards. After that, the changes are made to upgrade the system.

Why work with BWC Safety

All our team members have a minimum 20+ years of experience in Safety.

As a team we have a deep passion for reducing workplace injuries.

We are a corporate partner of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety.

Transparency with clients is maintained throughout the project duration.

Fully accredited & experienced project team holding memberships and certification with professional bodies including AIHS and AICD.

We have a proven track record of large successful multi-year safety transformation projects.

Fully insured for Professional Indemnity (PI), Public Liability (PL) & Workers’ Compensation (WC) and operate within applicable Codes of Conduct.

We are also certified as lead auditors for ISO45001.

We can develop unique safety solutions or deliver a specialist service for your specific needs.

Safety Training Sydney

BWC Safety identifies the safety risks associated with the operations of a business. It guides the senior executives and directors of that company in implementing the correct safety procedures as per WHS regulations. The company’s senior leadership is also trained in maintaining due diligence as required by WHS Act.


You Are In Safe Hands

Over the years our safety consultants have worked across a variety of industries, from Mining, to Healthcare through to Rail Safety.

BWC Safety is a corporate partner of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. Each safety consultant of this company has a minimum experience of 20 years in the workplace health and safety field.

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“There is no doubt that through BWC’s coaching our safety culture has improved and our injury rate has decreased by 40%. Their strategies were also used to make improvements to other areas of our business.”

Brendan Poole, Dannevirke Plant, Alliance Group Limited

“Thank you for sharing your safety journey and humanising safety, including the ripple effect on our workplace and communities. The importance of our commitment to being safe, both at work and in our normal life, cannot be underestimated.”

Peter Dennis, Chief Executive Officer, Armidale Regional Council

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident”


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