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Providing independent assurance advice and mentoring to board members and senior executives on WHS matters.

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Directors and senior executives have a legal duty to implement and monitor systems which ensure safe working conditions in their workplaces. Our WHS assurance reviews identify those high-level safety risks and assess the effectiveness of the controls that are in place. We then mentor executives to implement programs that reduce the level of safety risk so far as is reasonably practicable, in accordance with their duties under the WHS Act.

How you will benefit

Avoid penalties for due diligence breaches

The raft of recent WHS law reform, with the introduction of Industrial Manslaughter laws and lowering of thresholds in NSW to achieve Category One prosecutions has resulted in a sharp focus in the investigation and prosecution approach of regulators on achieving enforcement outcomes against officers of the company. This has a direct implication for both executives and company directors.

Gain knowledge and understanding on WHS matters

Part of the due diligence requirement of the WHS Act is to gain an understanding of the health and safety risks associated with the organisation, and to ensure that the controls in place meet the requirements of the WHS ACT. This can be a daunting task for officers who have not had substantial experience in WHS matters. Our mentoring program provides ongoing guidance that is tailored to the individual’s situation.

Have confidence in an independent review

Unfortunately, in house advice is sometimes communicated in a manner that does not alert the company’s directors to the extent of the risk exposure or the urgency of the situation. Director’s should insist on periodic independent reviews that provide a balanced view of risk exposures and a clear roadmap that addresses deficiencies.

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How it works

While the scope of board assurance and director mentoring are tailored to the size and risk profile of the organisation and the needs and experience of the directors, there are typical actions in the service:

Training Program

Where required, a brief training program on director’s due diligence obligations under the WHS Act is provided. This normally takes around 90 minutes and is typically included in the board agenda.

Report and Roadmap

A written report and roadmap for the board on best practices for lowering the level of risk exposure and ensuring compliance with the WHS Act and WHS regulations.

Independent Review

An independent review of the main safety risks involved in the operation and an assessment of the effectiveness of managing those critical safety risks.

Ongoing advice and mentoring

Ongoing advice and mentoring for directors on the effectiveness of recovery programs that may be implemented.

“I have known Bernie for some years and worked with him closely in the critical area of change management for safety performance. I have not only come to know Bernie as being astute and insightful, but also a man of great character who is not afraid to give ‘frank and fearless’ advice”.


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