Case Studies

Successful safety culture transformations.


Safety Leadership Program – New Generation Rollingstock Project – Queensland

BWC developed a tailored program which assessed the capability of each leader across a range of safety competencies, including leadership commitment to safety, risk assessment, incident investigation and effective communication.

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Safety Culture Review at North Queensland Bulk Ports

BWC Safety were commissioned to assess the safety culture at North Queensland Bulk Ports with the executive requiring an understanding of four specific components of culture.

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Woollam Constructions Safety Culture Program

In the first year of the program, Woollam Constructions achieved a 40% reduction in their Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate. A further 19.8% reduction in TRIFR was achieved in the following 5 months, confirming a sustained continual improvement.

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Armidale Regional Council – Safety culture review

While the review confirmed that many work processes were in order, it did uncover several instances where the level of safety risk could be improved through the implementation of a systematic safety program.

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Experience Co. Safety review

BWC Safety provided a full review of the WHS culture and systems along with an assessment of the effectiveness of controls around high-risk activities.

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