Improve our incident investigations

Is the quality of your incident investigations poor? Do you fail to learn valuable lessons from investigations? Do you regularly see “operator take more care” as the root cause of your investigation?


Poor incident investigation is probably the most common fault across businesses today. Due to a lack of understanding of simple investigation techniques, leaders will commonly push investigations onto overworked safety staff. Instead of learning valuable information that will prevent a recurrence of the injury we slip into ‘blame mode’ and tell our operators to ‘take more care in future’.
And the cycle keeps repeating itself.
With poor investigation techniques we rarely get to the real root cause of the incident and the corrective actions RARELY FIX THE PROBLEM. Does this sound like your workplace?


There is a simple 8 step process that will take your leaders ‘from zeros to heroes’ when it comes to investigating incidents. It will also help them demonstrate genuine care and leadership in their sphere of influence.

HERE IS THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS – After the incident, here is what you must do:

  1. Respond and Notify
  2. Form a team and plan the investigation
  3. Gather all the information and build a timeline
  4. Determine root causes and contributing factors
  5. Recommend corrective and preventative actions
  6. Document the findings and communicate the report
  7. Management review and implement the findings
  8. Periodic review – testing that it still works
  9. Most businesses need help to get started

We have developed short, practical training courses that will help your staff to understand the investigation process. Beyond the training we regularly provide coaching in real life incident investigations as a stand-alone process, or part of a larger safety culture process.
Good quality investigations allow your organisation to learn from its mistakes, and this is one of the key drivers of an improving safety culture.

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