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Upgrade to ISO 45001
Safety Management System

We can assist an organisation to build a safety management system from scratch or to transition their existing AS 4801 system to the new ISO 45001 safety management system.

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Why Upgrade to ISO 45001


AS 4801 is now obsolete

Standards Australia has marked AS4801 as ‘Superseded’ and Obsolete’. As such, any organisation which previously had AS4801 should move to AS/NZ ISO 45001 if they do not require 4801 for legislative or contractual reasons.


Comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Act

The benefit of adopting ISO 45001 is that it provides the framework that allows your organisation to meet its WHS Compliance obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

How it works

BWCArrowAnalyse, Compare, Upgrade

If you don’t have a safety management system we can help you build one from scratch, however in most cases organisations have a system that needs upgrading. We will conduct a gap analysis of your existing system against the ISO 45001 standard and help you upgrade the system to ensure that your documentation complies.

BWCArrowWe tailor a solution for your business

We provide a safety system that is practical and tailored to your business. This is NOT some off-the-shelf pretend system that is never used. Your new system will guide you in the steps to become compliant with the WHS legislation.

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We partner with Exemplar Global, who are world leaders in safety systems accreditation and auditing. We have certification as a Lead Auditor OH&S Management Systems ISO 19011:2018 and ISO 45001:2018. (Certification No 208453)

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