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OHS Consultants Sydney

Specialist Services to Ensure the Best Organisation Health and Safety Standards in Sydney

Organisations have both ethical and legal obligations to protect their employees against health and safety risks while engaged in their professional activities in the premises of the organisations. To this end, expert assistance can be sought from organisation health and safety consultants. The OHS consultants carry out a thorough assessment of the equipment, work environment, procedures and protocols to identify and eliminate potential safety risks and hazards or improve the safety practices in accordance with the legal requirements.

BWC Safety is the best option for organisations seeking OHS Consultants Sydney to improve their safety performance and comply with the WHS Act. Our scope of services includes a wide range of workplace health and safety requirements, right from safety risk assessment and safety system reviews to safety leadership training and upgrading safety systems. We are also a corporate member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety.

Safety Leadership Coaching

It is important for the leadership of an organisation to possess the necessary knowledge and skills regarding organisation health and safety to plan and implement the global best safety practices to protect their employees. BWC Safety offers safety training programs to the leadership personnel of an organisation across departments and levels such as technical, engineering, operations and more.

Our expert consultants conduct surveys to determine the levels of safety knowledge and skills among the leadership teams. Thereafter, training programs tailored to the specific needs of the organisations are developed and implemented. The training sessions comprise of 30-minutes mentoring sessions to discuss the safety culture of the organisation in view of the various business operations and conditions specific to the institution, followed by site based coaching characterised by practical training at the worksite regarding assessments of the safety risks and testing the effectiveness of the controls, and safety interaction coaching.

Safety Reviews

BWC Safety provides OHS Consultants Sydney to carry out professional review of the safety culture, safety system and safety performance of an organisation. We benchmark the safety practices and controls against ISO 45001 standards and the globally recognised safety features besides the legal requirements under WHS Act.

Our expert consultants carry out an online safety culture survey of the organisation, conduct 1:1 interviews of the key personnel of the organisation and practically observe the work practices on-site. Based on the assessments, a report and a presentation detailing the areas of concern and deficits in the safety system along with recommendations to fix the same are provided to the top management of the organisation.

Upgrading Services

BWC Safety offers services to upgrade the safety management system from the obsolete AS4801 to ISO 45001 standards as required under the WHS Act. Our consultants carry out a gap analysis of the existing safety system and carry out the required changes to upgrade it to ISO 45001. We can also build brand new ISO 45001 compliant safety management systems.

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“There is no doubt that through BWC’s coaching our safety culture has improved and our injury rate has decreased by 40%. Their strategies were also used to make improvements to other areas of our business.”

Brendan Poole, Dannevirke Plant, Alliance Group Limited

“Thank you for sharing your safety journey and humanising safety, including the ripple effect on our workplace and communities. The importance of our commitment to being safe, both at work and in our normal life, cannot be underestimated.”

Peter Dennis, Chief Executive Officer, Armidale Regional Council

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident”