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WHS Consultation Melbourne

Safety is one of the most important aspects of any commercial establishment today. Several state and government audits are associated with this, and you may be fined if you do not clear those audits. In addition, having poor workplace safety can have the potential to cost life during a crisis. You can do your best to ensure the highest level of workplace safety is achieved, but it may not be perfect. This is where a WHS consultant comes into the picture. BWC Safety provide WHS Consultation Melbourne services related to workplace safety, and we will tell you how we can help your business.

Why is Workplace Safety Needed?

To deal with any crisis, you must have the best safety-regulation practices and procedures in place. The staff or the disaster management team at your workplace should be trained to minimise the impact and keep everyone safe. A third-party safety consultant can help you review the safety infrastructure and best practices at your workplace and guide you on the improvement areas. This way, you are also implementing a culture of risk management and safety-first approach in your organisation.

How can a WHS consultation help you?

If you hire BWC Safety for the safety review, you can get multiple benefits. We have shared some of those benefits below.

  • Development of Safety Manuals and procedures
  • Evaluation of Safety Practices, Procedures and Infrastructure
  • Identification of Safety issues
  • Investigation of Safety Incidents
  • Provide Fire Safety Training to Workforce
  • Provide Generalised Safety Training
  • Dry-Run of Disaster Management Activities
  • Mock Audits for Safety Procedures

Does a Small Organisation need a WHS Consultation?

If you are a small organisation, then it is even more important for you to get workplace safety consultation services. We can help you utilise limited resources in the best possible way, which can help you cut costs in the future. In addition, we can also help you define the procedures if they don’t exist. If you have a mid or a large organisation, even in that case, we can help you with workplace safety consultation services. We look at the small details you may have overlooked; this is where BWC Safety’s workplace safety consultants can do wonders. We help you get rid of the ‘good enough’ mindset regarding safety.


You can call us today and connect with us. You can briefly describe your requirements; our experts will handle any task. Don’t leave things until tomorrow; instead, make your workplace safer today.

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“There is no doubt that through BWC’s coaching our safety culture has improved and our injury rate has decreased by 40%. Their strategies were also used to make improvements to other areas of our business.”

Brendan Poole, Dannevirke Plant, Alliance Group Limited

“Thank you for sharing your safety journey and humanising safety, including the ripple effect on our workplace and communities. The importance of our commitment to being safe, both at work and in our normal life, cannot be underestimated.”

Peter Dennis, Chief Executive Officer, Armidale Regional Council

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident”