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WHS Specialists Sydney

Comprehensive Workplace Healthy and Safety Consultancy Services in Sydney

Workplace health and safety is the foundation for operational risk management of any organisation. It is not only important but legally binding for companies to design and implement workplace safety programs to prevent injuries to the employees and mitigate safety risks. Organisations often lack the expertise to put robust workplace health and safety systems in place and need assistance from professionals. Workplace health and safety consultants provide expert assistance on safety-related protocols, procedures and best practices.

BWC Safety provides the best WHS Specialists Sydney to improve the safety performance of organisations and comply with the provisions of the WHS Act. We have the requisite expertise to provide comprehensive safety consultancy services across industries and sectors including hazardous ones such as mining, construction and transportation. Our team of WHS consultants have more than 20 years of experience in this field. We cover all aspects of workplace safety, right from safety risk assessment and safety leadership training to safety system reviews and incident investigations.

Safety Review Consultancy

BWC Safety carries out a thorough review of the safety cultures, systems and practices of organisations to determine whether or not the requirements of WHS legislation are being met. The safety procedures and protocols are also benchmarked against global best practices. We provide an objective view of the safety performance of the organisations and suggest the best solutions for safety issues.

Our expert WHS consultants conduct 1:1 interviews with a cross section of the staff representing all the relevant departments. Online safety culture surveys are also conducted across the organisation. Furthermore, the work practices adopted by the organisation are also observed in real-time by our consultants.

The safety management is reviewed as per the ISO 45001 standards. We send a report and presentation to the board members and senior executives of the organisation. The strengths and areas of weakness in the safety system of the organisation are clearly communicated to the top management. We highlight the safety issues and also offer expert assistance.

Safety Risk Management

BWC Safety offers WHS Specialists Sydney to identify the risks which can lead to serious injuries and devise effective controls to mitigate the risks. We implement a structured program tailored to the specific safety risks to protect the workers against serious injuries.

Our consultants hold safety risk assessment workshops involving key personnel of the organisation to identify the safety-critical tasks and test the effectiveness of the safety control measures already in place. Whenever required, we help upgrade the safety procedures and protocols to increase the effectiveness of the controls. Adequate training in the upgraded procedures is also provided to the workers.

We also conduct regular verifications of the safety controls to ensure that the organisation is adhering to the upgraded procedures.

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“There is no doubt that through BWC’s coaching our safety culture has improved and our injury rate has decreased by 40%. Their strategies were also used to make improvements to other areas of our business.”

Brendan Poole, Dannevirke Plant, Alliance Group Limited

“Thank you for sharing your safety journey and humanising safety, including the ripple effect on our workplace and communities. The importance of our commitment to being safe, both at work and in our normal life, cannot be underestimated.”

Peter Dennis, Chief Executive Officer, Armidale Regional Council

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident”