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Workplace Safety Consultants Melbourne

Professional Consultancy Services for Workplace Health and Safety in Melbourne

Safety is an important factor for any company because safeguarding the health of the employees and protecting them from injuries at the workplace is paramount. To this end, the safety management system of an organisation needs to be assessed in an objective manner by an expert entity and this is where the role of workplace safety consultants become important. Workplace safety consultants are experts who are well qualified and trained to assess safety regulations and procedures of an organisation and help in conforming to the global best practices.

BWC Safety is an expert in the field of workplace health and safety. We provide highly experienced Workplace Safety Consultants Melbourne. Our wide ranging services cover each and every aspect of workplace safety such as risk assessment and mitigation, reviewing the safety systems, safety training for employees, mentoring executives and directors in the legalities of workplace health and safety, conducting or helping in incident investigations and upgrading obsolete safety systems.

Safety Risk Management Service

BWC Safety helps in identifying the risks which can lead to serious injuries to the employees and devising ways to prevent potential serious incidents by minimising the risk factors. Our expert workplace safety consultants identify the risks to safety associated with various operations by conducting workshops with the experienced personnel of the company. The control already in place are tested and analysed.

We seek to upgrade the safety controls and procedures, if required, to enhance their effectiveness against the safety risks. Our safety consultants train the technical staff, managers and other key personnel in the upgraded procedures. Our duties do not end here because we can also carry out regular verifications to ensure that the upgraded controls and procedures are being followed to the letter by the staff.

Safety Review Service

BWC Safety provides Workplace Safety Consultants Melbourne to conduct a thorough review of an organisation’s safety procedures, controls, and overall safety performance. We carry out an assessment of the organisation’s safety practices and culture in view of WHS requirements and the best practices adopted globally.

Our workplace safety consultants carry out an online survey involving the staff of the organisation regarding the safety systems and controls in place. Apart from online survey, direct face-to-face interactions with the staff members are also carried out. The consultants also observe the safety practices in-situ. Based on the assessment, we prepare a report which is given to the top management. The report identifies the weak areas in the safety performance and suggests the ways to improve in these areas.

Safety Management System Upgrading Service

BWC Safety upgrades the safety management system of any company from the obsolete AS4801 to the new AS/NZ ISO 45001 standards. ISO 45001 enables the company to meet the workplace safety standards as mandated by the WHS legislation. Apart from upgrading, we can also build brand new safety systems which conform to ISO 45001 standards.

For Workplace Safety Consultants Melbourne Choose BWC Safety

BWC Safety is a member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. We have a lot of experience in providing our services to hazardous industries such as mining, construction, transportation and utilities.

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“There is no doubt that through BWC’s coaching our safety culture has improved and our injury rate has decreased by 40%. Their strategies were also used to make improvements to other areas of our business.”

Brendan Poole, Dannevirke Plant, Alliance Group Limited

“Thank you for sharing your safety journey and humanising safety, including the ripple effect on our workplace and communities. The importance of our commitment to being safe, both at work and in our normal life, cannot be underestimated.”

Peter Dennis, Chief Executive Officer, Armidale Regional Council

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident”